The Best Books for Learning the Russian Language

Here are a few books I would recommend to those of you who wants to learn Russian. 

Some books can be used for self-study, others require guidance.


Russkij jazyk: 5 elementov. Uchebnik + CD MP3. Uroven' A1 (Elementarnyj)

Русский Язык: 5 Элементов. Учебник. Уровень А1 (элементарный). Т. Эсмантова.


  • I like to use this book with my students. It is written by a person who has been teaching Russian As a Foreign Language (РКИ) for a long time. The author clearly understands what the students need and how to keep them interested and involved in the learning process.

  • Though the book is recommended for studying in a group with a teacher I think it can be used for learning Russian on your own. It comes with a CD and the words used in the 1st book (level A1) are mostly international.

  • This 1st book (level A1) will help you to learn how to read and write in Russian; you will learn basic grammar and expand your vocabulary, as it promises, up to 900 words including 400 international words.

  • You will also learn how to find your way in a city, how to communicate with people in day-to-day situations at work, in the street, at a restaurant, in a bank and a lot more.

  • It also has a lot of illustrations, crosswords. And what I like about this book as well that it is in A4 format so it has nice big pages with big enough print and it’s printed on the nice white paper!


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